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Men’s Wear Alterations & Tailoring

Date: July 4, 2021

The Apparel makes the Man – look sharp and be confident in well-fitted Clothes

• Suit Alterations

• Jacket Alterations

• Trouser Alterations

• Coat Alterations

• Designer Alterations

• Jeans Denim Alterations

• Leather alterations

• Designer alterations

• Vintage Alterations

• Vintage Alterations

Appointments: We work with appointments where you will be looked after by one of our experienced fitting consultants. They advise you about the changes needed to make your clothes fit better. At the end of the appointment we will place a guess listed as a break from the change steps to move forward with you. Sometimes we can provide you with different solutions, some of which save money. Ask your fitter for your advice! * Please bring your shoes or something with similar heel height to your appointment and any accessories.

Fitness appointments are more conveniently available in our studios or in your home environment or in hotels in central London, which is right for you.